Yusuke Asai

Artist Information

Yusuke Asai is a young but prominent artist whose multimedia, loosely illustration-based work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Since 2006, he has made many site-specific installations, in conjunction with workshops. In 2008, Asai created a 180-metre white line on the streets of Nippa, Yokohama. Using sheets of the heat-applied thermoplastic material that are normally utilized for white road markings, Asai cut, and later fixed, an extensive leafy motif that organically branches out and carries lines down the street. Titled “Shokubutsu ni natta Hakusen”, which translates as “white lines that have become plants,” this work is the first of many sprawling works using the same name and techniques which can be found in Osaka, Fukuoka, and Tokyo.

Website: Asai Yusuke | Aratani Urano