Chie Koda

「Midday Shiranui」2013 acrylic,oil on canvas 116.7×91.0cm

Artist Information

Selected Exhibitions and Projects

Born in Tokyo in 1983. Graduated from Tama Art University in 2007. KOda creates her paintings by inhabiting in various artist – in – residence and other places. In addition to exhibiting finished paintings she exhibits the process of her painting consciously, and determines the meanings of painting and exhibiting by meeting new people. Including “ Parade of walking painting,” she investigates the possibility of exhibiting outdoors.

2013   Focusing on everything / Let’s meet front of the painting / BankART NYK / Kanagawa (Solo exhibition)

2012   Wall painting / Don Quijote / Hiroshima
     A Walking Pictureman Parade in KOTOBUKI / Kanagawa (Art event)
     Power of a Painting / Hiyori Art Center / Miyagi (group exhibition)
     A Walking Pictureman Parade in ISHINOMAKI / Miyagi (Art event)
     BankART TSUMAARI / Nigata (Artist in Residence)
     Power of a Painting / NADiff a/p/a/r/t / Tokyo (group exhibition)
     Taipei Artist Village / Taipei (Artist in Residence)

2011   Design Pitch / NOGE Schale / Kanagawa (presentation event)
     Kofu Art Festival 2011 / Yamanashi (art project)
     KOTOBUKI KARA E WO HANATSU / Kanagawa (Artist in Residence)
     Power of a Painting / 3331arts chiyoda / Tokyo (group exhibition)
     KASHIMA2010 / Oita (Artist in Residence)

2010   KOTOBUKI CAMP (autumn) / Kanagawa (art project)
     Eyes & Curiosity vol.6 / MIZUMA ACTION / Tokyo (group exhibition)
     WakuWaku KYOTO / Kyoto (art project)
     WakuWaku Beppu Tower / Oita (art project)

2009   WakuWaku JHOBAN-KASHIWA PROJECT / Chiba (art project)
     Koshikijima de Tsukuru 2009 / Kagoshima (art project)
     Mixed Bathing World “WakuWaku Konyoku Apartment” / Oita (art project)
     Eyes & Curiosity vol.5 / Soka Art Center / Taipei (group exhibition)

2008   Sharakusei!Fantasia / Gallery Yoyogi / Tokyo (solo exhibition)