Kensuke Miyazaki

Tohoku Project, 2011

Artist Information

The artist Kensuke Miyazaki was born in 1978 in Japan.
After graduating from Tsukuba University, he moved to England and started his art career in various places over the world. He is undertaking the art project which putting people in contact with other people.

Official Website: Miyazakingdom

1978  Born in Saga
2004  Join a Fuji Television Program “Ainori” (-2006)
2005  Graduate Tsukuba University (MA in Art and Design)  
“Kensuke Miyazaki Exhibition (Zoo Work Project)” Gallery Conceal, Tokyo
2006  Join a City of London Festival, LONDON
“The Great Escape” 93 feet east, LONDON
“Kenyan Mural Project” Nairobi, KENYA
2007  Join a NHK Program “Necchuu Jikan” and TV Studio set Production (-2010)
“The Whale” Tokyo metropolitan government Street Paint Project, Tokyo
2008  ”Picnic or Wandering” Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto, Kumamoto
“Water, the Grand, and the Sun are contained” Gallery Conceal, Tokyo
2009  ”Ohenro Project” Sikoku Ohenro, Tokushima, Kochi, Ehime, Kagawa
2010  ”Kensuke Miyazaki Exhibition” Tamaya Gallery, Saga
“Kenyan Mural Project 2010″ Nairobi, KENYA
2011  ”Tohoku Project” Sendai, Tagajyou, Iwanuma, Kesennuma, Ohfunato, Miyako
“Light of the Legend” Exhibition, Singapore Esplanade
“Koji Singi Ceramic art work project ” China, Jingdezhen
2012 “Roppongi Art Night” Tokyo
“Tanabata Festival” Ohfunato
“Gerden of Hope” Singapore Esplanade
2013 “Light House project” Unnan and Saga
” CAMK collection vol.4 Veni, vidi, vici. Kumamoto!” Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto, Kumamoto