Risa Sato

Artist Information

Born 1972.
M.F.A., Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (1999).

The nature of human relationships figures strongly in the installation and performance work of Risa Sato. For her Risa Campaign series, she has engaged in different activities in various locales, all of which she records on video. For Vol. 2 of this multi-tome series, she constructed an enormous inflated doll-like head, a strange hybrid of a manga cartoon character and a Kewpie doll, out of parachute silk. Wearing it, she paraded through the streets of Tokyo, garnering strange stares and startled glances. In a more recent work, Risa Campaign in California―Mother’s Life, she visited her estranged mother, who had moved to the United States. There, she maneuvered through suburban streets on a strange contraption―a tricycle sporting a primitive oversized head. In yet another variation, she donned a costume and a different enormous head, this time atop a columnar pink dress.

Official Website: Risa Campaign St.