Camilla Singh

Message to Japan

There is a message in this drawing which is a secret from me to you.  It contains my most personal thoughts about imagination and transforming reality. I hope it gives you license to see things the way you want without accountability to anything but your own inclinations.  That’s what I’m sending you in the form of this backpack.

Artist information

Camilla Singh is a visual artist and curator who builds things faithfully to her ideas and not always to a recurrent medium or form. She shares Catherine Opie’s view that “…it’s transgressive just to try to live your life the way you actually want to live it.” Singh left her role as curator of Toronto’s MOCCA to experiment with materials in her studio and probe the questions that had formed around the experience of working in an office for a decade. She is currently researching and producing a series of uniforms for curators called Uniforms for Non-Uniform Work which will comprise a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of York University in 2014, curated by Emelie Chhangur.

Official Website: Camilla Singh