Dyan Marie

Message to Japan

Still surfaces doubling symmetrical reflections of calm
Clouds over water, hands touch, giving what you take
Growth patterns, the seasons, the minutes of the hour
Passions in pure colour and important points of happiness
Routines, expectations, assumptions: tomorrows
The everyday.

Unseen, unexpected, unprepared
Turbulence developed in an undercurrent
The earth actually shifted, water covered land, cities washed away
Listened for a wilding wind but it lay hushed, composed, conspiring
A thousand years of secret plans
Put in motion in a moment.

A single body gone and missing
Too vast, too impossible, too important
To chronicle and list the loss
The landscape strange, unrecognizable
The look-out, a shared summit of debris
But I am still alive and you are still alive.

And you are still alive and I am still alive.

Artist information

Dyan Marie is a visual artist exhibiting since 1980 working in sculpture and is an early innovator of digital-based photography. Dyan also responds to contemporary situations with poetry, community initiatives, publications, banner projects, public art, walking systems and festivals. She is a founder of C Magazine, Cold City Gallery, Walk Here, DIG IN, BIG: Bloor Improvement Group, Bloor Magazine and In Public. Dyan received the City Soul award from the Canadian Urban Institute and various art and community awards from city, provincial and federal government.

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Dyan Marie