Miles Collyer

Message to Japan

Like the thought of ripe, delicious tomatoes at the end of summer in mind as I water my plants this morning, my contribution to this project is a small way of saying that Japan and the glorious times ahead of it are in my thoughts today.

Artist information

Miles Collyer (born, 1983 in Toronto) is a visual artist whose practice is motivated by photo-based sources and issues relating to cultural identity. He studied at the Ontario College of Art & Design where he was the recipient of several academic scholarships and awards before graduating with a BFA in photography in 2006. After completing his undergraduate studies Collyer has gone on to receive further grants and awards for his work, most notably a Gold medal in 2008 from the Canadian National Magazine Awards in the category of Best Art Direction for a Single Magazine Article. His work has been published and exhibited across Canada, the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Germany and several curated exhibits online. In 2012 he was accepted into a program of Fine Art Graduate study at Toronto’s York University, leaving the artist-run centre Art Metropole and the position of Shop Manager, which he had held since 2005.

Official Website: Miles Collyer