Jenn E Norton

Message to Japan

Imagination is a great vehicle to record experience. Creative interpretation of an event is not authoritative, it offers room for many perspectives in spite of its singular form. History doesn’t need to be written by an official designated hand, but by the many who recount with diverse gestures. I send my work to you in the spirit of this, and know that over time I can enter the imaginative space that you will send to me, to us, for everyone.

Peace, hope and strength.

Artist information

Ordinary objects and activities become strange in Jenn E Norton‘s imaginative and highly visual work. The skillful insertion of disjunctive imagery within familiar landscapes, bound together with the glue of composite editing, bends longstanding expectations to open new dialogues. Her interdisciplinary practice, including video, installation, kinetic sculpture, sound and photography is critically engaged, often performative and exists within hybrid states. Norton works with burgeoning and antiquated technologies, the sublime and the banal, formal and intuitive, narrative and document. These contradictory forces relegate to a place where comedy and tragedy kiss. While her cast may be her cats, objects or multiple versions of herself in situations that derive from her immediate experience, she presents small moments from her microcosm that point to a larger context.