David Trautrimas

Artist information

Creating fantastical structures from commonplace appliances, Toronto based photographer David Trautrimas unlocks the mind from a state of static recognition as his photographic compositions reveal an alternative take on architecture & landscape. His digital constructions of buildings made from abject and dismantled housewares at once announce the limits of industrial proliferation as they bring levity to the possibility of recycled innovation.

Trautrimas’s fictitious documentation of buildings that never were glean the look of a post apocalyptic world where larger than life structures loom over the surrounding landscape, but they also breath fresh air into architecture’s infinite promise of pushing the boundaries of physics in order to renovate the way we live. Safe to say, Trautrimas’s work serves as both catalyst for creativity as it does cautionary tale for what we ultimately do with it.

His work has appeared in both group and solo exhibitions around the world, including Toronto’s The Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art,The Korean Arts Center in Seoul, Toronto’s LE Gallery, Brooklyn’s KlompChing Gallery, the Photo Eye Gallery in Santa Fe, Oakland’s Johannson Projects, Queensland Center for Photography Australia, and Eckhart Gallery in the Hague, Netherlands. He has received international acclaim from publications such as ArtNews, The Globe and Mail, NOW Magazine, Germany’s Immobilien Zeitung, China’s Can Magazine and the New York Times, and has been featured on major online websites such as Designboom, Dezeen, and Gizmodo. He is represented by LE Gallery in Toronto, Photoeye Gallery in Santa Fe NewMexico, and Eckhart Gallery in the Hague Netherlands.

Official Website: trautrimas.ca